How Senior-Focused Specialists Can Do the Moving for You

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During their golden years, many seniors find it easier to manage less space, so a smaller house can become appealing. However, the transition to a new home can be overwhelming, which is where you can act in a supporting role. Hiring a moving company that specializes in senior moves can help the adjustment go smoothly. If your senior loved one plans to switch homes, The Elder Care Playbook lists these four ways a professional that specializes in senior moves can benefit you.

1. Choosing the Right Home

While your realtor will be your best friend in searching for and buying your loved one’s new home, movers will also play a supporting role. Though a house’s aesthetics may be the first thing that catches your eye, points out that you need to consider multiple factors when choosing a new place to live, including how long the house has been available, median home prices, months of supply, and the number of new homes in the area.

Whether you plan on moving within your state or outside it, you also need to consider the housing market, both nationally and within the community you are considering. These factors need to be carefully researched before putting in an offer. Work with your real estate agent, look up online statistics and trends, and talk to your friends and family for input, including your movers. Since they focus primarily on moving older people, they can provide valuable feedback to help you pick the best home, including popular locations or places to avoid. Find these reliable movers by researching online reviews and asking friends for recommendations.

2. Getting Specialized Input

One of the advantages of hiring movers who focus on transitioning seniors is all the specialized input they can provide during your move-in. For example, many older people want a floor plan that is simple to navigate. Though you may love the location and look of your new home, you may not know the best way to maximize the design so it is safe and easy for you to get around.

A senior move manager can help you tackle this challenge. He or she can walk you through different options of how and where to set up your belongings to ensure maximum safety and convenience.

Also look at other areas for help from experts who specialize in assisting seniors in everyday life. This includes a number of services that go beyond caregiving, such as financial planning, home remodeling, transportation, and tech support. Go online and use service directories to find those who can lend a hand in whatever area is needed.

3. Deciding What Items to Keep

If your loved one is like many people, they have more stuff than they know what to do with. In fact, The Maids notes one report that states one in 11 households in the United States rents a storage unit due to the amount of stuff they own. One major part of downsizing a home is sorting through everything you own and deciding what to keep.

Instead of taking on this tedious task by yourself, senior movers can help. They can take the time to collect your items, help you decide what to keep, and sort the objects appropriately for packing.

4. Coordinating an Estate Sale

After sorting through personal belongings, there is a good chance you will have items, or even a home, to sell. An estate sale is a fantastic way to quickly and efficiently sell the possessions no longer wanted. Unlike a small-scale garage sale, an estate sale is held when you are downsizing and need to get rid of a large portion of belongings.

A senior-focused moving company can manage the estate sale for you. If needed, these professionals may even be able to collaborate with your real estate agent to assist with the sale of your property.

As a golden-ager, you have earned some rest and relaxation during your upcoming years. Remove the worry and work from your next big move by hiring carriers specializing in senior moves.

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