In just one day an entire town was gone.

Two weeks ago, fueled by unusually strong winds, wildfires consumed the historic town of Lāhainā and Upcountry homes on Maui. The devastation caused by the firestorms is heart-wrenching. Families have lost their loved ones, homes, possessions, cultural and historic structures—in just one day. Maui is grieving.

We have a long road to recovery ahead of us, but, guided by the needs of the community, we will remain steadfast in our efforts to help our family, friends, and loved ones on Maui.

What Maui needs is patience–prayer–perseverance and–your help.

People from across the islands and across the world have come together to share their aloha and kokua for those in need. Despite their heroic efforts, they still need your help!

If you’re looking for more ways to support folks in Lāhainā and on Maui the following legitimate organizations are providing urgent relief and essential services to the people affected by this natural disaster. I hope you’ll consider pitching in, no matter where you are or what you can afford.

Maui Rapid Response

The Maui Mutual Aid Fund supports Maui residents, people with disabilities, elderly residents, and people who are uninsured or underinsured. To donate visit Maui Rapid Response.

The Maui Strong Fund from Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

The Maui Strong Fund from Hawaiʻi Community Foundation supports rapid response, food, shelter, and financial assistance for residents impacted by the wildfires on Maui. To donate visit the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross is on the ground and providing safe shelter, food, and relief supplies to Maui. To donate visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Maui Humane Society 

The is providing pet supplies, emergency kits, and care for sick, injured, and lost pets. To donate visit the Maui Humane Society.

Mercy Chefs

On deployment, Mercy Chefs professionally prepares high-quality, hot meals on a mass scale for victims, first responders, and volunteers. To donate or volunteer visit

As we rebuild and recover, every gesture, big or small, echoes in the hearts of those affected. Let us not just stand by — let’s rise, rebuild, and restore Maui together.

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